Hour 3 Writing Prompt – Write about the image given

Understanding Change


Magnificent, isn’t it?

Picturesque; fields combed, each blade in it’s place

Tree plush and tilted at a pleasing angle to the eye of most of the onlookers

Bluest skies embracing the edges of our view, with the most careful placement of each cloud

Colors picked with intent and purpose, pleasing to some, contrived possibly to others

Would you dare venture into this masterpiece

Or would you fear the disturbance would cause change to it’s beauty

But change must come, it’s inevitable they say

Maybe you shy away leaving it to the next brave soul, or being or element from the heavens

A curious child or gentle wind wanting to explore what might be perched in the boughs of the crimson topped tree

A flock of birds darting about those blue skies or a wayward kite hanging in the cloud’s billows before it’s departure

Beyond the landscape searching for another perfect horizon

Trying to find their fishin’ hole, just over that hill, young anglers bound through the perfectly combed blades

Anxious to begin their story, their canvas, not concerned with the intent and purpose of the canvas

Time changes, colors fade, limbs and leaves fall, grasses go dormant and loose their joyful hues

Skies darken with snow or rain or clouded obstructions of the sun………..it’s change, it’s inevitable.

But beauty never dies, it circles back, eager to please those who return and those just beginning their adventures





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