A Poet’s Dilemma

A Poet’s Dilemma

“How do you describe pen to paper?” Anne Coen

A pen without ink
is like an unloaded gun in a home invasion.
It is a blender full of fruit without a lid,
where your thoughts, ideas spill over
and go missing.
Because you don’t have the means
to write it down.

A pen without ink
is a dog without a leash
that spots a squirrel.
It’s a faucet running without a seal
turning your kitchen into a sprinkler system.

A pen without ink
is a $9.00 leaky Starbucks cup
filled with espresso on a Monday morning.
It is traveling without Waze or Google Maps,
you know your destination, but not how far to get there.

How do you describe pen to paper?
Like blood and veins to the heart and brain.
Some people are lost without them.

Margarette Wahl

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