Life in Outer Space, Unknown

All I recognize

is absence

yet I have no definition

to explain absence

as if in a trance

where not black

not symbols

of time, nor distance.

I try to lift my foot,

but never move

one place is the

same as another.

strangely, sound

penetrates, echoes,

my movements make noise,

but nothing is real,

I see a book, floating,

I hear the petals fall,

from flowers without

scent, colorless,

the absence is a bridge

between the true and

the imagined is not

enough to become

replacement for life

not a replacement

for adoration, not love.

One thought on “Life in Outer Space, Unknown

  1. The silence of this is what first impressed upon me as I read, and it seemed as if you were suspended with no movement. As I read again, however, actions became more apparent: a body with movement even if the foot stayed still, a falling petal, a floating book. Still, there seems to be the same suspension. I enjoyed reading this and suspect more will emerge with future readings.

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