Morning repast

Hobbits famously tell of their
dietary habits
especially mornings
most definitely
second breakfast

Not living in a cozy shire
nor having large
fairly hairy feet
I can still speak to the
efficacy of breakfast two

For second breakfast
simply put
is actually fifth coffee
or sixth coffee
depending on cup size

second breakfast/fifth coffee
depending on day
also serves as
placeholder between
wake-up and first nap or

first nap and second nap
or even couch nap
and porch nap
not to be confused with
porch coffee and

deck coffee, a decidedly
enhanced fresh
take on additional
morning sustenance and
just pass the damn sugar

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2022

7 thoughts on “Morning repast

  1. We should create a coffee club based on this poem and name it
    Just Pass the damn Sugar.

    Also the third stanza could very well be screened to a shirt and trademarked.

    The use of all of your writerly skills shine through in this poem

    Thank you and don’t get upset if you ever see me in a shirt with your stanza three

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