I woman I knew once caught a talking frog
So she said.
The frog – leopard variety – large, green
Not only spoke
but could read
preferring Studs Terkel
Rhetorically asking the frog what would happen
if she kissed him
he replied ‘nothing’
Curiosity piqued, she asked what good there was
in a talking frog
who could read?
The frog in response asked “What good is a prince?”
“Good point.”
replied my friend
“That ‘kiss me and I turn into a prince’ stuff in bullshit”
Said the frog
“Frogs” he explained, ”Are far more egalitarian, mostly.”
“Mostly 9-to-5”
“Yes” he told her, “The royalty crap is mostly myth.”
“Mostly. And there is no moral to my story, either.”
“Yes. Frogs generally prefer discussing work ethic.”

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2022

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