The Diner

Every city has a place

all-nighter, regulars direct

from central casting

occupying the same seat in

Seattle as in Newark,

two cities never visited

but I have been there


you want your

hash browns crispy

coffee potent, in

heavy mugs (no cups)

bacon crunchy

sausage cylindrical

eggs runny,

over easy

over hard



yoke-mopping toast

lightly burned,

isosceles cut

saves plate space


Hopper’s Night Hawks

still resonates

New York or Omaha

Denver and New Orleans


ambiance is in the heart

of the beholder

flirting with the

counter staff obligatory

anchor your tip to

the counter with your saucer

leave your greasy fingerprints

on the receipt as a souvenir

when you leave


just like home

even when you aren’t


Mark L. Lucker

© 2016

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