The Letter

Dear Grandchildren:

There is irony in that the

last thing  you will ever forget

will be one of your firsts





broken heart

first to never be forgotten

first to stick with you

first to make you feel like that

first to make you hurt

first to make you feel alive


There is less irony, more fact

knowing that the firsts will

teach you the most

honor you the least

cause discomfort

provide perspective

be impossible to explain to others

yet explain everything there is to know


These things I tell you

because they are true

because I know




Don’t tell your parents

you learned any of

this from me


– Mark L. Lucker

© 2016

One thought on “The Letter

  1. *HUGE HUGS*
    I really really really loved this so much. The ‘twist’ at the end is amazing and heartwarming … made me long for something I never had xxx Well written, well expressed and lesson well taught!

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