Regress (waka)

Repeating your questions
will not give you the proof
you think the past deems,
but you continue to pace
the treads you’ve already walked.

5 thoughts on “Regress (waka)

  1. This poem is so good! I tend to overthink past things and this felt super accurate. And it’s super short and does all that work! I am always amazed when a poem is only 5 lines and is so good at conveying emotions.

  2. I love this poem. I love the flow and imagery. I don’t know if it is complete waka style as the last line should be able on stand on its own…But, this still flows well and I love the mood and message of the poem. Beautiful Mel! Well done and this is my choice.

  3. Thank you very much, Ingrid. It was my first waka and I would have been wise to read a few re the last line. If I can revise and keep the intent, I’ll be happy with this experiment.

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