Turning (Hour #11)

If I was a god, you’d be an atheist,

Because to you I never did exist.


If I was the sun, you’d be the moon,

Only coming out when I’ve gone.


If I was a rainbow, you’d be colorblind,

Unable to see my true mind.


We’re not opposites as opposites tend to attract; instead I’m like a ghost, you’re unaware of my presence.


It’s like a one-sided mirror….instead of my reflection I can see you clearly, but you can’t see me from where you’re standing.


Whatever I do just can’t seem to catch your attention.


You’re just like a wishing star that comes once.


One can only wonder the crossing star’s destination as they make a wish-

an irrelevant wish the star can’t even hear.


I can liken you to the moon.


Distant and cold.


So far from earth but seems near. It’s not close at all…just an illusion.


I remember you.


You’re the dream I had but forgot about. You’re the dream I had no recollection of. Or perhaps you’re the dream I couldn’t wake up from, the dream I long forーthe dream I couldn’t call my own.


Would it be better never to recall the blurry memories or would it serve as a solace by remembering every small detail of the time spent together?


Whatever the case is, the sun kisses the moon goodbye at dawn.


Who knows? Perhaps some raindroplet might reflect the rainbow you seem blind to.


Who knows?


Perhaps you just might turn into a believer.



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