Acquaintanceships by Night and by Day

I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have been lost in the depths of a vast universe,
Lost beyond the reaches of his highest height –
And whence his words rippled from kindly to terse –

Where were you? Where were all of you who feel cause to judge
Whilst I searched the covens of all space and time,
Whilst I sloughed off all that you all begrudge,
Whilst I delved into depths of my heart and mind?

I have become one with the night,
Taking fireflies and monsters to become my friends,
Learning from cats to see with a feline’s sight
That my soul and my heart could see my paths’ ends –

And where were you? Were you shielding rays
As family, friends, children from far and wide
Came to embrace you in light of day
Whilst you did hold to your ego’s pride?

I have become acquainted with the night,
With the darkness of my soul, and with others’ too
That I may face with a whole heart my fright,
That I may learn to forgive and to love even you

Who judge. Where were you when my soul was alone?
Did you come to my aide? Did you reason to give?
Or did you only miss what was given, well-known?
Did you think to reach out, give me reason to live?

I have become one with the night and the day
Breaking reasons, unfettered by common restraints,
That I may find reason to live well, as I may;
That I may find life without common complaints –

And where, pray tell: Where do your judgements lead us
Whist I, on my own – my heart oft torn asunder,
My life and my mind leaving you in nonplus?
I find myself, day and night, filled naught but with wonder —

For I have become acquainted well with the night,
And I break, at last, into dawning of days;
And I find I shan’t run, though my wings take to flight
As I find myself, now, understanding your ways.

(First line borrowed from “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost, )


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