Bending Time

What’s left when a kiss is o’er and through,
When limbs once-woven are unfurled?
I can still see the kinks left from me-and-you,
Can still feel the gravity of our world –

And yet, you dare take a simple love,
Compare it to an ill-fated time,
Withdraw from this curious treasure-trove,
Would treat you-and-me like a mere past-time?

Words fail.
Emotions fail.
Love fails.
Time fails.

There is the World,
And then, there is the world:

Control versus freedom
Love… and some unreasoned rhyme.

The sense that makes sense does not make sense to you,
Though I follow your rationale, the logic’s askew —

And I’ll suffer while you do what you do,
And I’ll love even while your love you will eschew,
And I’ll love, remain in love when you bid ‘adieu’…
And I’ll help you to find yourself a wife, anew….

While I hold the days close
When you held me so close

When words won
And hearts won
And love won
And time won

And I won time with one
Whom I always loved.

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