Hour 6 – Dog Birthday -Image Prompt

Australian shepherd on a blue couch with clear ballloons there's a birthday banner of other dogs on the wall and a lovely painting above that.

A pup on the sofa

Today’s its birthday

It doesn’t care, but happy birthday

Pup on the sofa

Smiles at the camera

It just wants to eat the cake

Mom put on the counter

A pup on the sofa

A moment so pristine

The minute that this is over

It stops being so clean.

The pup flies from the sofa

To the kitchen to the cake

And starts tearing it apart

Good thing it’s a dog cake

Mom is frustrated but it’s worth it

So she doesn’t yell

Her sweet pup from the sofa

Earned a treat as well

Keeping her safe all these years

Doing its job swell

Happy birthday sheepdog

Your ancestors were wolves

That wanted a good meal

And now you’re here with us

A loving pet who feels

One thought on “Hour 6 – Dog Birthday -Image Prompt

  1. Awww! I love the full storyline you capture here. I was so intimidated by the photoprompts, I’m impressed to see you do this and have so much fun with it. Though also with some seriousness to it – I love that you acknowledge the role of the dog in the family. Sweet.

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