Hour 8 – Giga Necromancer – Text Prompt

I have raised far more than razed, the dead
At night they call and I must heed, the deep

Necromantic dread. For none who lived and
Recall the life which brought them sorrow
Are content with ash and soil, threatened

By the afterlife’s turmoil. And so they come
In heaves and droves, to the necromancer

My name unshared, their prayers unanswered
I did not ask to be their hope, salvation under

Duress. I’m still unskilled yet hopeful for
I have raised far more than razed the dead

By the afterlife’s turmoil, and so they come
Undaunted, the deep the dark the dead they
Rise like forgotten wounds, scars afraid of

Nothing, yet everything, new recruits to the
Skeleton War, deserting their posts for mine.

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