The Raging and Consuming War of The Poetics


…oh, beautiful red poppies,
I have awakened – like Dorothy –
I seem to have all my limbs
and my mind is working well enough
to know that the dream I just had
was too far out to be true;
I try and rise to my feet –
fall to my face;
I put my hand on my chest,
where a heart beats…
I feel the stitches that are holding it together,
I look at my hands,
the wedding ring is long gone –
no white skin to show the 20 years of matrimony;
could it be?
This was not a dream at all!


– Michellia D. Wilson 8/24/14 7 AM
Let us remember: Robin Williams – A Fellow Tortured Artist
To all Guillain Barre Syndrome victims
To all who suffer mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder

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