Something was Missing

Something was Missing in
Our house for 1.
It was like the first snowfall of winter:
And Silent.

There was nothing but
The music from our hearts.
Falling like rain,
Our tears fell.
We were alone

We kept him in
A corner of our minds
Never forgetting
The love that he gave us,
His smile, his soul
Of an adored cat.
This noir Feline.
We called him our son,
A piece of our hearts that we lost,
That we wanted to keep with us;

He was our missing piece.
Our one thing we called “Home”.
When we felt alone.
Something was missing from our bed,
On our covers,

From our house built for one.
We looked everywhere,
We thought like him,
Then like his eyes on cat nip:
Round and golden like the moon,
We thought, we uttered the taboo possibility:
He’s gone.

There like our bodies,
Our sanity fell,
Plummeted to the floor, our
Hearts hit the floor.

We knew then
that we were going to be
Missing everything:
And family.

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