# 11 Swallow Tail Jig

Where do I go to my love, my one
To find your dancing soul, when day is done

I dance to your music, I hear your song
‘Tis a merry jig, I surrender, dancing along

Like a swallow on high on a mid-summer’s night
I dance, I dance, and my mind takes flight

You won’t be caught, ’tis against your will
But the song and the dance you are playing still

The music is wicked, the rhythm is cruel
The words of the song say I’m the fool

Faster and faster I blindly twirl
Your cadence enticing, my dizzy heart awhirl

I know you’re not real, I know you’re not true
Still I choose to dance this merry jig with you

And as the fiddle’s forlorn last note is played
I know I should be, but I’m not sorry I stayed.

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