Always need my friends

I will always need my friends.
Community, unity, diversity
These are ingredients for wholeness in life.
Community is the glue of our crafts of togetherness.
It holds us accountable for our behavior when no-one’s looking.

Showing up for your life means you support the festivities.
Be there for someone else besides always trying to do your thang.
I love being with my people our diversity in talents and gifts bring
the laughter and fun.

These are my peeps we make great music.
It of us have a part to sing remembering to stay in our own lane.
Celebrating someone else mild stone is the backbone of unity.

“Calling all black people come on in Black people.”
I hear the call by showing up for the party. 🙂
However, I love when people are excited to see me coming.

When are having a good time telling fables in rhymes.
Gas prices are high, but so is the thrill of being among friends.
Community will keep you sane when things in solitude are not going your way.

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