6. Friends, Food, and Travel.

Loads of dancing with my closest friends,
In Mumbai, Rome, or Los Angeles…
Lots of delicious, crave worthy foods made by authentic cooks who own thier crafts,
Vada Pavs, Pizzas, and Tacos,
Poke Bowls, Texas Cheese Fries, and Fondues.
Boba, Gelato, and Chocolates.
Traveling to beaches, sightseeing, and shopping for leather notebooks and pens.
Finding hand painted artwork of everyday things and people in the local area.
Having long walks and conversations with some of my closest friends and family.
Winding down the day with a nice massage overlooking the sea,
Being served with chocolate covered strawberries of course.
Before bed, I would write in my new notebook about all the adventures that happened that day.

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