Professional Gastropod

professional gastropod


the slug won

the half-marathon

by a hair’s breadth.


his muscles pumped

like pistons, as

he escaped each

hoe and boot heel.


nearing the finish line

amidst a cacophony

of cheering, he slid

the final mile on a


trail of his own slime,

finally landing

on a large, fully ripe

tomato. everyone


loves a winner, but

the slug is smart enough

to remain modest.


and the best part

is that he gets

to do it all again,


3 thoughts on “Professional Gastropod

  1. This provides a great word picture for me. I used to do battle with snails and slugs in my garden in the Midwest. Then I thought of how that picture applies as a metaphor to my writing! Thank you for this timely poem!

  2. Thanks! I utilized the prompt that suggested a poem based on an animal’s traits that are opposite of what they’re normally known for. Since slugs are–well, sluggish–I thought it would be fun to write a poem about a speedy one.

  3. I love how you used this hour’s prompt, but also the nods to the half-marathon. I feel like I slid in on my own ‘slime’ but the prize (a tomato, of sorts) was worth it – thank you for making me smile!

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