I. L. Y.

Maybe it was out of my loneliness?
Or the phantom he left behind, ever day?

You were here when I needed most
A face that smiled when I smiled
Got all nervous and shy, whenever our eyes met for longer than a pause
Or just a single breath
That’s what drew me into you, I think.

That and our rapport that could segue from nothing more than a look
My look, as I walked past on my day to day routine
While you sipped your coffee and smoked
Staring back over the rim of your cup and your glasses.
A smile. My smile.
All for me.

I remember the first time we kissed
At the pier, in the dead of winter
Freezing and shaking
Though I shook for more than just the cold

I still have that shell you found
The one you searched for
Just for me.
The inscription you wrote
It’s still there
But still there.

As am I.



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