Much Relief

have you ever had one of them days, one of them months? One of them years?

the kind where you want to cry, but you can’t.
you can’t express anything. Like your numb? An uncomfortable numbness. An empty feeling that weighs more than the mountains.

you want to cry. The tears don’t fall. You want to laugh. But silence rests itself on you.

anger doesn’t quite cut it, for you feel guilty because there isn’t anything to be angry at.

just numbness. Only numbness. Empty.

it’s rough to be hollow.

then the day comes. You can laugh.
you can cry! You can feel!

the roses smell more fragrant. The coffee has an extra kick.

cherish the title moments! Much relief!

One thought on “Much Relief

  1. Roses smell more fragrant this line resonates with me because I love flowers and I bout every some of them have no smell
    I am glad you have some money to buy more rose

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