If We Hadn’t Invented Guns – Hour 17

I wonder what it was like
On the day we replaced swords with guns
Did we expect the number of deaths that would result
When murder was made possible with the pull of a trigger
The push of a button
Did we expect the fighting to end quicker
Or perhaps wreak less destruction
I doubt it’d be much different
If we hadn’t invented guns.

4 thoughts on “If We Hadn’t Invented Guns – Hour 17

  1. I feel afraid thinking about watching people be decapitated in the streets rather than shot – both have horrific imagery – but humans were always going to be violent. It makes you wonder what the difference is. Lovely poem.

    1. Thank you for your comment! So much effort has been put into developing better weapons but conflicts still drag on for decades and innocent people die in droves. I wrote this in a melancholic and very sleepy state of mind, but looking at it again I feel like there is much more to be said. Might edit it later 🙂

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