Earth, Wind, Fire and Water

She and her warmth,and her smile so lady-like

When she giggles and runs-oh so childlike

When she runs her fingers everything blooms

The air is filled with lots of perfumes


She’s the carefree child, so wild and gleeful

She laughs and shouts with her heart that is full

When she’s mad she destroys everything that’s in sight

But caresses when relaxed and you will feel light


She’s a woman so hot, raging and bold

She’ll express anything that is I was told

When in rage she’ll devour all the things that she sees

But when calm she’ll give warmth and you’ll be at ease


And this woman that’s next is a giver of life

Love her and she’ll make a very good wife

She will save everyone from pain and from harm

Treat her right treat her well and let her be calm


These ladies these sisters dynamic and bold

So inseparable though different what a sight to behold

They complement each other and should not separate

For without the other we will have sad fate.




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