For You Aria

“Hush Hush, keep quiet you two, you will wake her up”
That should have been my line while you’re having a nap
Might scold your father and brother when making noise
For sure they’ll insist on bringing you toys

I could sip my coffee while you sleep and I’ll watch
I might be crocheting while you rest in my touch
That should have been what I’d do my child just for you
But you left us so soon and we’re longing it’s true

I could tell you stories from the books on the shelf
So that when you’re grown you’ll do it yourself
Papa and Kuya can watch alternately
You see they won’t stop until they see you cheerfully

You are our joy our cutie moonbeam
We have waited for you, you are our dream
But then now you’re gone what else can we do
But to weep and to mourn ’cause we’re longing for you

Aria, Aria dear, life is cold like the fog
Your absence in our lives is a real heavy log
Our dear child, dear Aria, our little girl so sweet
We will wait for the day when we’ll finally meet.

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