The time capsule in my backyard had a pill inside it
A pill that allows you to return anytime
One that allows you to talk to anyone that has left
What excitement it just gives excitement in my chest

I might get back to when Lady Di was alive
And will see how she helps those who need care and love
I might find out how life would be made easier
And learn how to be a little bit wiser

And also I will talk to our Jose Rizal
Maybe have him coach me how to write a novel
Or see how Spanish have ruled us so bad
And help him strategize how to win such a fight

Then I’ll return to the time when father was here
And have coffee and discuss how we will repair
Unfinished businesses and conversations
How to triumph in life how to be heroes

There are things i have to know, things from the past
To know how to pass the struggles at present
To talk to those who know to succeed at present
Yes I will do it yes I’m willing to wait.

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