#13 A Rule of Earth Changes

The children worked and tilled the soil,

they had to do the work and toil,

they did the jobs and got the pay.

It wouldn’t always be that way.

Upon their eighteenth year on earth,

they had earned what they were worth.

It was then that they retired,

some other child would then be hired.

The adults they then were left to play,

do as they wished with friends all day.

When babies came the children got,

to teach them things that they’d been taught.

The adults drank cocktails by the pool,

there was no time for going to school.

The kids made sure their folks were fed,

never grumbled about going to bed.

After this single switch occurred,

little grumbling was ever heard.

The grown-ups knew they had it good,

the kids knew someday soon they would.

The previous rules had all been wrong,

keeping adults at work too long,

while they had longed to simply be

able to be wild and free.

The choice had come to try to see,

if all the youthful energy,

could help the world efficiently run,

while preserving most of life for fun.

After just one generation,

there was a real United Nation,

nobody cared or really knew about the “Great Switcheroo”,

It simply was the way things are.

Peace on earth had come that far!


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