Melted and moulded

Like a phoenix the fire burnt me

With the winds my ash prevailed,

Mixed with water they painted their heads with my ash while going for a war,

The war which is supposed to be fought on the wax grounds,

Wax will flow from the waxed wounds,

And when the wax surrounds

I’ll grow from wax,

My roots will be wax,

Wax will be my trunk,

So let me be a flower of wax

Which cannot be burnt by fire,

Which cannot be drowned by water,

Which cannot be dried by air,

So they molded me like the earth,

And heated me by their sins,

And hence I’ll melt again,

To be moulded​ into a meteoroid and will fall on some other lifeless planet,

To be moulded again as Gods,

As Adam and Eve

As the Eden’s

As the guy Darwin who will put a drop of me into ocean to get solidified with the immense calmness and pressure of the Ocean’s bed,

Hence I’ll rise again as life, to be moulded and reshaped for millenniums into civilization,

To be melted again on some war grounds,

To be moulded into a phoenix of desires,

The whole universe will rise from my ash,

And will be moulded from my wax,

round and round.

Escaping the water, fire, air

Just to become earth for a war ground.

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