Urgent Notice From The Brain

Dear Cody,

I regret to inform you that despite your best efforts to maintain and nourish your rational thinking capacities, we in the brain department have decided our time here would be better spent exploring the more fluid and chaotic morass of the subconscious, as it requires a more relaxed approach unconstrained by the limitations of linear thought. Therefore, from here on, we hereby declare an immediate and total suspension of all normal brain activity associated with clear thinking, logical processes and ask that you direct any further inquiries of this nature to our technical department, located in the spleen. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you will refrain from overexerting our synaptic network this way in the future.

Your Brain

P.S. Your intestinal flora has also requested that you stop drinking so much coffee and perhaps eat a salad, as the Skittles content of your lower intestine is reaching critical levels and may cause rainbow flatulence.

3 thoughts on “Urgent Notice From The Brain

  1. Holy fuck! 🙂 I have to thank you a million times over for this piece. I shook with laughter after reading this – I had to silently laugh because my fam was sleeping in the livingroom across from my writing area and I didn’t want to awaken them. Nonetheless, this wonderful piece gave me the jolt I needed to carry me through the remaining prompts! Blessssss!!!!!!!!!

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