Law of Attraction

8/5/17 6:17pm
Law of Attraction

You jumped from your roof because you’d decided
that the law of attraction cancelled out the law of gravity.
Some kind of mental breakdown triggered by a spiritual awakening
when you couldn’t handle the responsibility.

My dear dizzy head, my collapsed-lung complacent patient,
fighting with yourself.
You hit the ground hard and said you’d hurt your foot,
I imagined a world in which you flew.
You’d have drifted down slowly and maybe found some validation
some reassurance that you’re here for a purpose.
My purposeful proposition that maybe there’s a method
to our manias and madness,
how they coincide so intricately.

I bruised my foot that same day, felt human in the same way,
but you’ll never understand or believe
that there is more to things than logic or science.
Your defiance of something greater than us is a paradox,
you, named after a man in the bible.
Diving into books and documentaries trying to pull apart the
secrets of the universe, to make sense of it,
to make it something palpable, fathomable, controllable,
so that you didn’t feel so overwhelmed,
and disconnected.

It’s apparent that I evoke some insanity within you,
that turns itself over and over until it’s sanded down
all detail erased and forgotten.
The law of attraction isn’t what shoved you toward me,
the universe reached a hand down and soothed the
blistering wound in your chest
gave you a moment to rest and consider
that there’s something bigger
meant for you.

You’ll keep running from things you can’t control
pointing fingers at anyone that threatens your detachment.
My foot still hurts from that day
and I take it as a lesson.
Loving someone scares you more than dying;
More than the law of gravity becoming obsolete.
I hope you think of this when your bones ache.

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