8/5/17 7:43 am

Your orange juice mouth spit pulp into my vanilla guts
I sigh and shudder into the seasons
with too many reasons
to drop my fragile feral heart onto railroad tracks and take back
placing my head into your lap.
The rain dripping down the nape of my neck
I dissect
every action and it’s purpose
and I’m nervous to admit that
this is everything I ever wanted.
I stay platonic
to even myself and encase in silver plating
Never sating a desire to aim higher
or take a fucking chance.
It’s in a glance.
It’s scribbled into the follicles of my eyelashes
spilling over the water line
of my almond-shaped green longing.

Glitter laced across the space of your bedroom floor
wishing that there was more
I define myself in the sharpness of your incisors
and how they shear me just like satin.
Running through the streets of Manhattan
chasing ghosts of my childhood idols.
The expanse of mattress between my back and your hips
the quiver of your lips when you’re sleeping.
Make way for the stone grey of sunrise
where my heavy eyes
will pull you from the depths of Hades’ river.
I will keep running and never glance back.
You’re the meat of the roads I never took.
It’s in a look.

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