From Holly-Prompt hour 6

From Holly—Prompt#6


Dear Oliver, how long has it been?

Sixty plus years have grown between us.

We were seven or was it eight years old

but we were madly in love—remember?

I would wear my hair over the shoulders

long and straight, just the way you liked it.

I changed desks just so I could sit next to you.

Our lunches were a heavenly half-hour when we

would discuss our wedding plans.

You were always such a terrible speller-I

always had to help you—remember?

My penmanship was so neat and precise and yours

so sloppy, the teacher would make you rewrite

all of your assignments. I would giggle.

When you would ride bicycle past my house I would

always come look for you. I knew you would ride by

my by my house on purpose. I was looking forward to going

through our school years together. Then,

you moved away.

2 thoughts on “From Holly-Prompt hour 6

  1. From Holly gives the reader a glimpse into a simpler time. Riding bicycles, discussing wedding plans, and poor penmanship all meant something different at 8 years old. Well done on this prompt!

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