Do I exist?

I etch my soul in the sky,
As, I need a rebirth,
Energy stretches into purple highs,
As, I ask within “Earth”,
Do I Exist?
Then, answers replied “Nothing Lives”
So I ask again “Why?”
“Is it up to the heavens and sky on who lives or dies?”
Then, I reply “Why Try!”
When all we are going to do is die,
I surrender and sigh,
The sky replies “Earths design was to give you a reason to shine in a human life,
But humans destroy life, so we take life,
So I reply “If I die, what happens then”
The sky replies “Life is designed to fly even when you die”,
“So nothing lives”,
So, I ask again “If we try, fly, and not sigh about life, then how is life designed in the sky”,
A gentle reply “Seek the purple high in the sky, find life, and fly”
And I reply “I get it, if we all fly, then no one dies and everyone lives”,
The sky replies “Life is etched in the sky, so no matter if you die”
“You will always try and fly” I reply “I exist when I fly”
Then the sky replies “Then, you exist”

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