Hour Twelve

Write a poem that contains no more than 100 words and no less than 90 words. If you repeatedly use the same word it only counts once. For example if the word umbrella was used 10 times in your poem you would only count it once.

The word count feature (bottom left of this text box) is your friend!


By Patricia Harris


Musty old tomes

In plies overgrown

Falling from every corner

Of my home.


Reading each with reference,

Feeling though each is a member

Of my own beloved family.

Words written down,

Read quite often in the passing time.


Well worn spines

On covers handled too many times,

Pages smeared with fingerprints

Still read just fine.


Beloved stories

Standing the test of time,

Reminding me of less complicated

Periods in my mind.


Dreams dripping ink,

In ancient yellowed pages.

Telling childhoods oldest thoughts

For the world to see

The love that remains.

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