Hour 12 Wax On, Wax Off Government

12 2017 wax on wax off government
Wax On, Wax Off Government
by Paul Robert Sanford

I’m beginning to give up.
A third of a year of this nonsense in Washington DC
has me holding onto my balls for fear they’ll steal them.

This wax on wax off government in which one bunch of yahoos spends
all their time undoing what the previous bunch did
seems to me like a long road to nowhere.

Meanwhile, at just the wrong time,
vanishing species are protected less,
the waters are allowed to rise,
more citizens are denied the vote.

Immigrants are made unwelcome
on the assumption that people
who used to have good union jobs
will gladly go to work doing backbreaking labor
for a few dollars an hour.

111 words

Wax 2
to 4
a 3
the 4
are 4
on 2
(subtract 13)

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