Hour six “A Black Woman’s Hair” (don’t touch)

06 2017 Black Woman’s hair (don’t touch)
Some tips for white folks in a multicultural setting.
By Paul Sanford

Introduction: Evidently some of you have not read the manual,
and you are embarrassing us out there.
All you do is shampoo and condition, blow dry and run comb through your hair,
so you re fascinated by people who have to do more elaborate steps.
Don’t embarrass yourself or the people with you.
Don’t run your mouth or ask to touch any black woman’s hair.

White people listen
Learn from 400 years of history
There’s a lesson to be learned
and it’s not some exotic mystery.
I know that she is lovely and you are moved to stare
but please: don’t ever touch a black woman’s hair.

It isn’t fly by accident,
it’s not a case of luck
you’re seeing hours of work
and the spending of some bucks.
So jump off a cliff if someone makes a dare,
but don’t every touch a black woman’s hair.

She may have amazing booty
But you wouldn’t ask to make it clap
And her bosom may be marvelous
keep your gross hands in your lap!
I’ll give you a lesson how to treat her fair and square
Hey! Don’t ever touch a black woman’s hair!

Let me spell it out more plainly
keep your damn hands to yourself.
\None of your damn business
if she stores it on a shelf.
Touching other people is a habit to make rare,
Listen! Don’t ever touch a black woman’s hair!

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