In praise of Mom

A word of thanks to mom.

I thank my mother for all her nurture and hard work,

the love and effort she invested in me.

she invested in me.

The loving care etc etc

but thanks is not praise.

In Praise of Mom.

Praise is admiration whether it helps me or not,

and Mom deserves  a ton of that,

World champion almost blind lady

who did so well at home and work

that people forgot she was blind.

she shood people out of her kitchen

because they got in her way,

and was never embarrassed to ask for help

to read a recipe or thread a needle.

most of all she could handle my father,

when the darkness came over him

and he could not get unstuck from the negative,

face to face whe would scold and bully and challenge him

to be his best

and so her voice is still in my head

20 years after her death,

praising me for my best qualities

and challenging me to be my best.

In Praise of Mom.

One thought on “In praise of Mom

  1. Thank you, Daddy, for keeping the Voice of Grandma alive in you. I praise her, too, for raising such a wonderfully complex and beautifully paradoxical human who I am fortunate enough to have as my Father. I love you. I love you. I love this sentiment.

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