Lives Matter

My life matters.

I am not concerned about life after death,

but filling life before death with life, real life,  life abundant tamped down and overflowing,

Life so sweet it makes my blood sing like a child at play.

Your life matters.

Make it matter to yourself for yourself, you are the one you answer to.

That life matters.

That person, that tree, that gorilla in the zoo,

each is a rare and endangered species worth preserving, in need of honor and preservation.

Of course Black Lives Matter, as do the brown, the crazed, the homeless, the gay, the random dude on random drugs, all of whom are marginalized into nothingness without a conscious effort.

Why should you be so fragile that it troubles you that people think it needs to be said.

My life matters, to your and me and they.

Your life matters, to me and you and they.

Their lives matter, to they and you and me.

If you have a problem, get over it.

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