Dear John

Dear John:

You’ve told me a man must have everything.

He must have her love and affection, trust

and cares, woes and fantasies, body and belief.

He must contain and compel her dreams, speak

her mind with her, beside her and be her too.

He must have her body, entirely his own, as she

equally partakes of his, fully accessible any time.

He must give her solace and she his support.

They must build things and break things down,

together, working as a team, united as one.

There must be abundant love everlasting, you say,

and undying even beyond death and delivery.

John, you’ve claimed possession of her opinions,

her bodily secretions, and her style of clothing.

You’ve demanded her attention and hands, her

movements during the day and night, her arms

ever clasping yours, enveloping you enveloping her…

Dear John, my dearest of all, love can’t be swapped

and traded, quantified and qualified, bought and sold.

Love is no cure, can’t fill the gaps, cracks or ailments,

not those inherent or fostered in the care of those who

thought love was power and hurt and discipline and

control, John, mere control that fear spills through you.

Love is not for keeps, never on sale, bundled or peddled.

Especially, love is not had but kindled, like wood fires

warmth and sustenance, dazzling and mysterious, in

properties known and magical too. Love has no rules.

John, let me, if you will, teach you all I know about love.


2 thoughts on “Dear John

  1. This is humblingly beautiful – and so powerful. That list – at the top – with the itemised notions of what “John” believes to be necessary in a relationship grows all the more tension-ridden as it continues. We know the letter has begun ‘Dear John’ and the perceived construct of such a note is that one partner is telling the other that they are leaving them. And yet you turn it all around. You tel ‘John’ about how love should really be and, in that kicker of a final line, make such a generous offer to teach him about love. This poem asks to be spoken out loud: I’d love to hear it!

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