Oh Arachnid

Oh arachnid, I bear you or your arthropod phylum no ill will.
You weave your webs of tales told, widows and recluses,
Daddy long legs of venomous myth, lies that weaklings tell.

Nature’s thugs, built for brutality, ghastly and creeping stalker,
(Like a few Homo sapiens I’ve dated), I’ve seen the hour glass.
Time ticking for the feeble, sick, old, young, and unsuspecting.

In Hawaii, your island hoppers take a running start and jump
Clinging to a pant leg or arm, terrorizing victims resisting a ride.
I give you this: your infinite array and your wily traps stabilize.

The ecosystem won’t eco without you, no Librium in equilibrium.
So here’s to you my eight-legged, fanged, funky frenemies galore,
Peace and abidance: I’ll ignore your dark watch; you do the same.


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