Prayer for Persephone

Come sit in the misty glen, Kore, and recount the time
Demeter held her torch, Hecate by her side, and cried,
Searching for you mightily to find Hades had done it,
Abducted you, my sweet, and fed you pomegranate.

Married you he did, while your mother held back spring
And rainbow’d fields and gardens’ golden Dahlia dying
Unlike the queen of the dead, who swallows down earth
Each time you retreat from sun, a grave mother’s dearth.

For Father Zeus could strike no bargain on your behalf,
In seeds, succulent and raw, lies like the Golden Calf
Blood chained you to desire, an ever fading blossom
Half in hell, half in heaven, a grain goddess’ seasons.

But bury the bones now in bottom sight flesh as risen,
Unshutter their mortal blinds through care and wisdom
To them you owe humanity in a silver sceptered palm.
Give them true insightful eyes as to the poor give alms.

For only the darkest night can steer their walks in light
Their sins burned smoked the day he raped your mind
Your body long ago lost to wild lavender and plumeria
For you, fragrant as frangipani, we two sing hallelujah

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