Poem 27 or whatever this number is

If you should survive the fall

and have to explain that killing yourself is illegal and and you will have to pay the wages

of the people who tried to save you or collect your pieces

when the rest of your money was scooped away with a purpose built stick

counting how many more trips to the ATM you had left before you lose the house

the same house where the ripped paperwork is in the garbage where you left it

sitting on top of the full coffee filter

from the morning when you woke up

with freedom and possibility like never felt

going to be a day of opportunity

falling in place

the glorious sun shining down on plants and umbrellas

of those who are unappeasable

trying to control the dogs that are fucking

and chasing things they cannot catch as

it is that time of year

if you should survive the fall.

Philip V. Coombs 3-4pm




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