Collision Course, Hour Twenty-Four

Collision Course

Sleep in the beginning
of this yearly adventure
flirtatiously flitted
around the periphery
of consciousness,
not quite
stepping into view.

Now, near the end,
sleep collides
with my eyes,
forcing blackout periods
from which I startle
and jump mid word,
a deer fleeing the hunt,
an involuntary response
to bone deep exhaustion
whose only remedy now
is sleep.

2 thoughts on “Collision Course, Hour Twenty-Four

  1. Ooh. . . I like this.
    Sleep starts this, pops up in the middle (truly coming as a shock), and then ends this poem. Good for you! I also like the contrast between a flirtatious anticipation of fun with bone deep exhaustion. You captured the concept of sleep, but more so you told a story here.

  2. Love this, Tracy – especially this

    flirtatiously flitted
    around the periphery
    of consciousness

    Because even if not working hour-24 of a writing marathon, this would resonate on a pretty universal scale.

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