Hour Eight, The Golden Shovel


In the beginning, sex was not for me as it is for some.
Violating hands broke my childhood body, leading a first lover to say
that I was frigid, a cold and cruel beast roaming the
world that could not enjoy its pleasures, a world
that had yet to introduce itself to me. This somewhat passed, as time will
allow, and a second selfish lover helped some of my pain to end.
It would be many years later, but falling in
love with a truly unselfish man dissolved my flesh in fire,
succumbing at last to the pleasures that only some
will ever fully know, leading me to one day say
that I had never known real pleasure, never been in
love, until a past love became an adult lover, and melted the rest of my ice.

I honor of Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice”: Some say the world will end in fire / Some say in ice.

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