Quick Snack



Angela skipped along the forest path chasing another firefly to put in her bottle blue
She thought it strange when she spied smoke coming from the treeline she thought she knew
With her binoculars, she could zoom and spied a humble cottage belching blackless over the hill.
So she followed the smoke until she found the hut. A scary black mask hung over the door gave her a chill.
Inside she found a table with three bowls of porridge still steaming with heat
She was so hungry, it’d been hours since she’d had something good to eat.
She cleaned the bowls and found herself overcome with lethargy so strong.
That she didn’t notice three beers returning to check out what was wrong.
With a roar, they grabbed the sleepy brat and with a gulp had a quick snack.
So next time, turn away when you see a cottage puffing from its smoke stack.

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