It won’t be easy

Never written poetic lines over a beat

But this poetry marathon must be a success

Nothing can beat me down

What can’t kill my creativity

Can only make my mind stronger

I have to write this in two minutes

I have to beat down procrastination

I have to set my mind free

I have to free my style

This is just the beginning

We’re not on the home stretch yet,

Filling the page with random thoughts is my target

I have to kill this poem with a single shot

I have to write from the beginning to the end

Without lifting my pen from the page

Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Yes, I can.


It won’t be easy

Who said it would be?

It won’t be easy

All that matters is taking the first step.


With 10,000 hours of practice

Kill that procrastination that lingers on

With dedication, fill the pages with your passion

You’re a still writer even if you’ve not been published

You’re a writer, comments don’t matter

Criticism shouldn’t be known of your concern

We are all humans

Just hit the page with your thinking ink

Release your bomb ideas

And bombard the blank pages with creativity

That shutters grief and pain

With well-thought emotions

Hope you’ll make us feel alright!


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