14/24 fist

Your fist is the same size as my mouth

But that doesn’t mean you needed to introduce them

Ten thousand dollars for one smile and you broke it

without your hands,  with your mouth

every angry word

4 thoughts on “14/24 fist

  1. Your words are so completely powerful and the images you create are painfully beautiful. They make for painful reading too. You have a real feeling for this craft – I really want to read more of your work 🙂

  2. I’m reading more of the poems I didn’t get to. What strikes me most about this poem, which is one clear, unified, powerful thought, is that it is coming from a “sad, queer” poet. It is not passively sad at all, but focused powerful complaint and anger. I picture this person with a hand of that exact size, a person who strikes out. As a heteronormative man I struggle with my denial that a woman would hit another woman this way,and that is good for me to contrmplate and open myself to.
    It is so good that you wrote this.

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