do i terrify?

It’s that time again. This is my Introductory post for year 2.


My name is Angel. I’m 21. I’m doing the full marathon (I hope). I will be at my friend’s house for a pool party / cookout during the Marathon, but so long as the WordPress app doesn’t fail me, I should** be able to post on time. I’m guessing that during the busier hours (while I’m outside) I will just be writing really short poems (less than 10 lines) – which I normally do, I love writing epigrams. Then when it gets later and I’m settled in more I will try to write a few longer ones to even it out.


I’m not entirely sure I will be able to complete this but I’m going to try my damn hardest.


A little about me: I have two hairless dogs, a wonderful girlfriend, the best mom. I work for a lawyer, I run my favorite band’s Facebook page (OTEP), I love Amanda Palmer and Sylvia Plath. I barely read, which I think puts me at a huge disadvantage as a writer. I am published in small literary journals, mostly from colleges.  I’m not at all adventurous.

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