graduation blues

the day after
high school graduation
is supposed to feel like
a new beginning
it felt like a detour
i wanted to make a u-turn
but i can’t even drive
i guess the first
sixteen years of life
are building
the next two are
and one day you walk out of a place
that holds all your memories
for the last time
and nobody is holding your hands
or laughing as you slam a locker
they tell you it gets better
parents are practiced liars:
1) it does not
get better
2) we do not find out who are real friends are
we make worse ones
3) we do not pick up where we left off
with every old friend,
4) we do not
find ourselves
in college
we get lost
in the streets
in the sheets,
we get lost
because we are lead are whole lives
without asking.
our majors
are pieces of paper
we are taught
they define us
we lose our names to occupations and salaries
we never lose
weight or debt

growing up
just means adding
and you don’t
get any stronger
to carry it



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