my walk into the forest
revealed to harmony in nature
i didn’t know that the songs birds sing in the forest are properly choreographed
in unison with the trees and all
the birds do the vocals
the trees take to the dance floor
the wind is the choirmaster
some trees do percussion
catering fall under trees too
they serve wild berries
the fragrance from the flowers
keep the entire forest fresh and inviting
beees make honey for dessert
as they effortlessly help with pollination
nature’s process are properly measured and cut to fit
I set down nicely  on a rocking rock
enjoying natural air-con under a big shady tree
i was marvelling nature and its serenity
when i was forced to take to my heels                        a big green Mamba fell next to me
i didn’t regret the forest
the harmony                                                                 the hospitality                                                             the tranquility                                                              the beauty                                                                           Oooh! forest  you are organised                                    you have a lot to teach us                                                Please! teach us.

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