How do you mr Chameleon?
With envy I’m green
With jealous I’m grey
With admiration I’m…

So how many suits do you have Sir?
Your epidermis is loaded
Your step, is it by design or by default?
You tongue roughly how long?
Your eyes 360
Zoom in zoom out
Your simplicity is contrary to wallet size

I zoomed in on you
I saw you blend with your environment
In seconds
I saw you aim for prey
Your precision; sniper
Your strike-rate; top cricketer
Your multiplexed eyes;photo journalist
The spring in your tongue; fighter jet eject parachute

You don’t have speed but you fast
You don’t show off but you rich
You have every shade of colour
You mix&match at will
You eat at will
I saw you fight a snake one day;
Your bravery
Your witty
Your intelligence
Second to none

Mr Chameleon
I salute you
What you lack in size
You have in tools
Your smartness;your strength
Long live Sir
Can I borrow a suit for my wedding day Sir.

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